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Vegetable oil for every little problem skin | Manage your life Better Life | Be happy

Vegetable oil for every little problem skin

March 2, 2011

Avocado, sesame, cotton, hemp, vegetable oils are very valuable for the beauty.
Here is a list of different vegetable oils and their respective virtues:

Oil Shea

The fruit of the shea tree found only in Africa contain almonds which is extracted a very thick oil that melts at skin temperature.
This oil is used to fight against dehydration skin, and avoid cracks or cracking.

Sesame oil

This plant is found in the tropical hot and dry, contains seeds that are harvested for the production of sesame oil.
It gives the skin a feeling of sweetness, Protects against external aggressions (sun for example), acts against irritation the redness and drying.

Avocado oil

It is obtained from the fruit pulp.
Very full of vitamins, it acts against the aging of the skin, softens Dry Skin and provides a very comfortable removing.

Hazelnut oil

It comes naturally from the fruits of hazelnut.It regulates sebum, Reduces blackheads, tightens pores and brightens the complexion. It is particularly recommended for the oily skin in application as a day cream.

Hemp oil

This plant grows all over the world. You reap the seeds of the female plant for the manufacture of its oil.Rich in essential fatty acids, it facilitates regeneration, rehydration and supple skin.

Borage oil

Plant abundant in North Africa whose fruits are very rich in oil.It’s the oil Anti-Aging reference and the richest in omega-6, very moisturizing. .

Apricot oil

Is pressed to get the almonds harvested from apricot kernels.This oil, comprised a third of essential fatty acids, is softening and works wonders on sensitive skin.

Argan oil

It is produced only in Morocco and from the fruit of the argan tree.Rich in Omega-3 and 6, the fight against Aging and drying of the skin.

Rosehip Oil

This rose grows abundantly in Chile, and its seeds are used to extract its oil.It restores the brightness removing dead skin cells, rejuvenates and softens the skin.

The grape seed oil

It prevents the appearance of Wrinkles and comes, as its name suggests, the grape seeds.

Oil Kalahari melon

Originally from Namibia, that big yellow-green fruit produces brown seeds pressed to collect the oil.The oil of this melon is used in makeup for its cleaning power without risk of irritation. It has properties regenerating, moisturizing and restructuring.

Cottonseed oil

It is extracted from the seeds contained in the large flowers of cotton.It hydrate in depth and restores skin cells.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba is a plant native to Mexico and Arizona.The seeds are the size of an olive extract which is a kind of liquid wax.This wax has a protective role skin. It is a popular massage oil because it penetrates quickly and leaves no greasy feeling.

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