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How to improve social relationships

July 10, 2011

Building good social relationships is not easy: Very often wins the sense of insecurity and we are unable to convey in our dealings with others all our energy and our vitality. We must strive to find the right balance to reflect that knows all our inner potential and that makes you feel comfortable all the people around us.

There is no single way to do this, but there are some useful principles that can become our compass for improve our social life.

Our relationships are born in our minds: The way we interact with other people inside us. If we are convinced that the world is bad and hostile, then the others will seem bad and hostile, and we will treat them accordingly, living in mistrust and resentment. But if our attitude is positive, the contact with the world will seem a pleasant experience in most cases. Take, for example love, if we are jealous, every action of our partners seem a sign of betrayal. But if we want to see only the best of the person we love, kindness will notice that would otherwise go unnoticed.

So we are the ones who decide how to interpret our relationships: a small change will allow us then to make a big difference for the better.

Attention to the ratings:Remember that when we judge someone, we are particularly criticizing ourselves. It ‘important to know that we can fully appreciate the people around us, only when we are not too stringent in assessing their life, their actions or their ideas. If our mind is open, the people who hang out there seem more pleasant. Do not forget that no one likes those who tend to judge and too selfishly for us is just a waste of time: what we earn to criticize others?

Seize the day:When we talk, let’s stop keep thinking: I’m saying something stupid? Am I too boring? Others will understand that they are insecure? Let’s enjoy the simple situation. Not only we will be happier, but presumably our conversation will be better.

Stop complaining: People prefer positive people. Just make the victim of their own problems to worry about, constantly expressing anger or fears. Let’s not bother ourselves and others with negative arguments.

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