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How to influence the regulatory agreement in divorce | Manage your life Better Life | Be happy

How to influence the regulatory agreement in divorce

November 19, 2012

In a process of divorce will have to determine how to regulate matters such as child custody or use of the family home. This is done through the regulatory agreement, which is one of the ways in which these issues are regulated, and which sets the framework by which regulate the relations of the spouses after separation or divorce.

Before or during the course of the proceedings, can agree on most aspects of it and the spouses can agree on who they are children, what is the visitation, which the pension is payable or who enjoy the family home among other issues.


In proceedings for divorce by mutual consent, the regulatory agreement becomes a prerequisite that must accompany the filing of the complaint. The agreement allows some freedom of covenant between the spouses, which only become binding if the judge included in the judgment, provided its legality.

In cases where no when the contribution of a regulatory agreement, the Judge, in the judgment, which set all the rules governing the relationship between the spouses; although it has taken into account the possibility that the spouses, subject to the approval of the judge agreements which have been reached.

The content must relate to the following aspects:

  • Use of the family home.
  • Who will be in charge of common children, visitation establishment and how will develop the exercise of parental authority.
  • Visitation and communication of grandchildren with their grandparents, if necessary.
  • How will contribute to the burdens of marriage, and family living expenses and alimony for the children.
  • Settlement of the economic system of marriage and the pension to be paid by one spouse to another.
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