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Natural treatments for oily skin

November 29, 2012

The greasy or oily skin, either male or female, is so annoying and unsightly and can become so dry skin. So if you have this type of skin you must perform some treatments to control the oiliness of the skin and look fresh and healthy complexion. Here are some natural treatments for oily skin, which are both simple and inexpensive, but first know what oily skin is.

What is oily skin?

The oily skin is a skin type who frequently produces more fat than normal. This type of skin looks shiny, especially in what is known as the T-zone, i.e. forehead, nose and chin. This may be due to different reasons, may be hormonal, genetic, being dirty, or use a cosmetic treatment not suitable for your skin type.

oily skin

People who have an oily skin type often have as many blackheads and acne and to avoid these undesirable conditions is important to keep the skin clean and maintained well. The good news is that there is a tendency for people who have less fat skin wrinkles, because the natural moisture that have this type of skin.

What to do when you have oily skin:

As mentioned above who have oily skin should pay particular attention to hygiene of your skin, however excessive hygiene is as bad as not doing it, so you must find your own balance point, which is different for each person.

It should be great caution with cosmetic products that are used, as some are very aggressive and, despite generating an immediate effect appears to be positive in the long run end up creating more oiliness. These cosmetics plus end altering pH of our skin. Therefore we will provide some tips and home treatments for oily skin.

Some home treatments for oily skin:

Essential oils:

Although it may seem contradictory to some essential oils can help reduce skin oiliness, of course you have to choose them very well. Some essential oils that can be used are those which are citrus fruits, such as that of lemon, mandarin, orange or grapefruit. These oils regulate the skin’s natural pH, without being aggressive as are some cosmetics.


As part of your natural treatment for oily skin you must exfoliate your skin regularly. Exfoliation uncovers your pores and removes blackheads. Remember that cleaning will not remove surface dirt that has gotten into the pores and that will generate more oiliness. You can use any exfoliating cosmetic, always being careful to not be too aggressive, or you can also make your own homemade exfoliating scrub.

Decreases makeup:

No need to go makeup all day, from morning to night. Try to book the makeup for special occasions only. You can use a mascara, a lipstick, eyeliner and even eyeshadow, but avoid all possible ways the foundation, both liquid and powder.

If you use makeup, try to be water based for oily skin and above all, do not forget to clean the whole face when you come home with cleansing products specific to your skin type.


It is not extremely necessary to use moisturizing cream 24 hours a day because your skin has natural moisture. However a good quality moisturizer and suitable to your skin type can be a good treatment to apply to all then after you’ve done a cleansing or exfoliation. You can also make your own moisturizer, using natural elements and suitable for your skin type.

These were then some of the natural treatments for oily skin you can use. Remember, the earlier you start taking care of your skin, will keep younger longer, so the sooner you start the better the results.

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