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Self-help exercises

November 10, 2012

If you train a low self esteem and can not feel good about yourself, there are many self-help exercises that you can do to feel good. The self-help books are always a good resource to find them, but not always as we put our hands in a self-help book, now we will see some exercises that will help you maintain a high self-esteem.

To improve self-esteem is not enough to focus on the positive side of things and want to learn, if this were so, the self-esteem would not be a problem so difficult to solve, as it really is. Announce the continuation three self-help exercises, all of them focused that you face yourself and achieve rising self-esteem to feel better.

Self help exercises

The first one is simple, is to go to a private place where you can feel comfortable and at ease and start laughing. Do not think of something funny or in any joke, just laugh for no reason. Probably is weird, but it really works. Stop only when you begin to feel something good in you.

The second exercise self-help is to go to a place where you have a good panoramic view and where no one can bother you. Ali notice something small, then notice something big, just after notice something nearby, then something away and finally notice something interesting. After you have done this, concentrate on something for two or three seconds, and go on doing so many other things no matter what kind it is, just watch them.

The third of these exercises to increase self-esteem consistently use their imagination. Close your eyes and visualize a person (not you, not anyone real) with low self-esteem. Imagine that this person is standing in front of it and make your creation begins to move toward you until it is superimposed with you. Stick with it for a few moments and then take it up and make it stop again in front of you.

Do this exercise several times until you feel that is enough. You will feel more secure with yourself and until you are ready to start the day with the high front.

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