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5 minutes of meditation a day save your life | Manage your life Better Life | Be happy

5 minutes of meditation a day save your life

December 17, 2012

As five minutes of meditation a day can save your life? This practice combats many factors that degrade the physical and mental health. Experts on the subject argue that everyone should find a way to incorporate meditation into your routine, making it a daily habit. Stress, phobias, sleep disorders, among many other items, can be traced to an imbalance that can be solved with this break at all, to organize and strengthen the mind.

Symptoms that indicate the need:

The indications that it is time to start meditating are issued by the body itself. Among these are the headaches regularly, sleep difficulties, disturbances in appetite, easy to get into friction with people around, discouragement to work, or socialize with others socially, weight changes, fatigue, or low sexual desire among many other examples.


However, these signs do not always receive due attention, and later end up becoming more serious conditions. But we must be aware that having one, some, or all of these symptoms, it is time to slow down.

Although not classified as dangerous to health, denote a message or something should be changed. And most often it is just stress. Scientists have proven that left this state of body and mind have a material impact on welfare. One of the first responses is the physical change in blood pressure, and gain or weight loss. You can stop these demonstrations, and prevent it from being started a veritable symphony of health problems.

A great proof that meditation can actually change your life; it is defended by the Dalai Lama. He demonstrated that Buddhists yogis, who meditate in the mountains, are able to perform feats considered impossible. In a statement, a monk raised his body temperature to the point that managed to dry wet sheets on their backs!

Intrigued scientists around the globe started investigating such deeds, and found that the brains of those who meditate, works in a different way, where chemicals responsible for happiness prevail in a much larger number than in those who do not.

It is very difficult to fix everything that happens to us in life, but the answer is in the mind (is it that much of the problems begin, and it is the solution). And the process is very easy.

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