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Economic relations of unmarried couples | Manage your life Better Life | Be happy

Economic relations of unmarried couples

December 3, 2012

It defines domestic partner as the stable union in which live two people who do publicly and notoriously, that share common interests in the development of family life but are not joined by marriage.

One can distinguish several key economic relations of unmarried couples:

  1. The partners may conclude the agreements that create timely to manage, distribute and yields ownership of property, possessing or acquiring during their cohabitation.
  1. If you are ruled by the community of property, the property acquired by either of the cohabitants during cohabitation, are seen as common and a rupture is shared equally between the two partners.

unmarried couples

  1. The regulation of economic relations may be agreed in writing, stating the economic regime that will govern this union, and that affect the inheritance of the heirs titles.

  1. Do not apply any economic system, if economic relations are agreed in writing not; each cohabitant needs to prove their rights to each well that compose the common heritage.
  1. When the economic system is by mutual agreement can be liquidated if it is proved the existence of the partnership, and its completion, so as to allocate the assets to each of the partners.
  1. Although the dwelling is acquired in exclusive for one of the members of the couple, they will not be able to arrange without the consent of the companion or judicial authorization for the duration of cohabitation, as they are governed by the conjugal partnership.
  1. The assets of both partners are subject to the lifting of loads relatives.
  1. There is an obligation between partners of given food during coexistence.
  1. Each of the partners may ask the other to pay a pension for imbalance, at the end of cohabitation.
  1. In domestic partners can dissolve the relationship by death of one of the partners, by mutual agreement between the parties or by decision of one of them.
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