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Exercises to improve memory

December 1, 2012

The memory is one of the most important functions of the brain, allowing us to store memories or past experiences and lived according to the temporal. It is also a phenomenon of the mind that allows us to encode, store and recall past information.

The memory can be developed and improved with various memory techniques, which will help us because, as we get older, it becomes more difficult for the brain to create new memory, even when actions still can remember that happened many years ago.

Then you’re going to find a series of simple exercises that will enable us to maintain and improve our cognitive health:

improve memory

  • One of the best ways to memorize words is to form lines that include.
  • When we read, it is important to see what we are reading for memorization. Thinking in Pictures is a technique that enables us to store events on a given topic, as the imagination and thought are united.
  • At the time of study, it is important to pause to assimilate and memorize what we are reading.
  • Make diagrams and write notes on paper also help to set the content studied. The number of repetitions and fixings can slow oblivion.
  • To remember lists of words, it is highly recommended and unites us to create a graphic story in mind in which images of each object is connected with the following.
  • For numbers, use the rule of the hangers, which consists of a fixed list of words in order, each associated with a number from 1 to 10: 1-pole, 2-cycle, 3-cornered hat, 4-seat, 5-hand, 6-brat, 7-flag, 8-glasses, 9-person, 10-ball. This method allows us to memorize numbers and dates of high numbers very easily, since we only have to associate each number with one of the images and make a little history.
  • Change the order of things. If we write and brush our teeth with your right hand, use your left hand. Other examples would move the clock hands, play tennis with the opposite hand or rearrange the mouse across the table.
  • Consult the dictionary every day to learn at least one new word that we introduce in our conversations with others or write texts.
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