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Feeding tips for parents

December 27, 2012

The food is a critical part in the development of children. The physical and psychological development of children depends to a large percentage of food that has received an early age, so it is essential to follow a series of eating tips for parents, and it is not always so simple to give our children more healthy eating.

Parents need to learn what to eat healthily to avoid mistakes with feeding children. Do not worry; you will not need a master’s degree in food and nutrition to provide the best for your children. Here are some tips to get the healthiest food for your children.

Baby food

The family meal:

One of the activities that will motivate a child is to eat together as a family, no TV, only the child with his parents to enjoy their company and attention. This is the time when children should learn healthy eating habits.

It would be ideal to make breakfast, lunch or dinner with the family sitting together at the same times each day. This predisposes the child hungry at the time and be more willing to eat their fill.

Cooking at home as our grandmothers, and many of our mothers, the custom is healthier for our children. Thus, we ingenuity to appetizing recipes to make for our children according to their tastes, but they bear the greatest amount of nutrients needed for growth.

Getting children involved in food preparation will help to quicken his taste for eating healthily. They can help in buying food healthy learning to distinguish harmful than fun rides with their parents. It also can be given some responsibility when choosing what to eat or what to wear to school, provided they know choose healthy foods and adequate and being rewarded for it.

Enjoying the healthiest foods in family:

Always have hand juices, snacks, yogurt, fruit pieces, etc. In short, a series of quick and healthy food for children to eat between meals instead of other foods with few nutrients, full of saturated fat and that will harm than good.

Note that the flavors and dishes to the child accustomed from childhood are those who will want the rest of your life. The sooner we as parents get used to vegetables and fruits, much better for their development and for their subsequent health. Make food be a fun and enjoyable for your children and see how they eat it all!

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