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Natural remedies against snoring

December 11, 2012

It is estimated that approximately 45% of the planet suffers from snoring to sleep and, although most people believe that this problem only leads to be bothered by others, the truth is that thinking this way is to get away from reality because usually, who suffers from hoarseness daily, hides a problem or major illness in your body.

Then know what are the most common causes and some natural remedies against snoring.

Causes of snoring:


The excess weight is a common cause of snoring night. People with this problem, usually sleep facing the ceiling, as is the position that is most comfortable to them, but they realize that the weight is putting your weight on the lungs, preventing them unfold completely, resulting in a rapid breathing which ultimately can lead major consequences.



Another very common disease that causes night snoring is allergy, having obstructed airway requires a greater sacrifice on the part of the body to the air passing through them and this causes it to create a vacuum in the throat that causes upset sound.

Deformities of the face:

If you suffer from any kind of deformation of the bones of the nose, is likely to appear snoring since this fact creates some nocturnal breathing obstruction. You must be careful, since although it is a case that does not resolve without surgical intervention in the long run you can create problems, in any case the best thing in these cases is consult your doctor.

Bad habit:

Drinking alcohol at night, smoking throughout the day or the misuse of tranquilizers, are three habits that apart from being very unhealthy, often lead to loud snoring during sleeping hours. Be especially careful if continuously snore every night, as this can have fatal consequences and eventually suffer sleep apnea, a condition in which breathing stops for periods of time too long and that can have a end as terrible as cardiac arrest.

Home remedies for not snoring:

A widely used folk remedy is to cut a onion in about 2 cm squares and place on a plate with a little salt on top to then place it on the bedside table as close as possible to the snorer.

There are some effective exercises to stop snoring, try to make these twice a day:

  1. Put your tongue on the back of your upper teeth, then move it down your throat (back) and put it back where you started, repeat the procedure for 3 minutes.
  1. Repeat the five vowels of the alphabet with your mouth wide open for another 3 minutes.

As we have seen, one of the main causes of snoring is nasal obstruction, to help solve the problem added to a glass of water half teaspoon of salt and a little baking soda. Put your mixture into a spray bottle or dropper and apply it before bed.

The sage also has amazing properties to relieve hoarseness; 15 minutes before bedtime take a very concentrated infusion of this plant. Now that you know these simple natural remedies for hoarseness, please take them out every time you present the problem, remember that in addition to putting solution to your problem, your bed partner can sleep well as you deserve.

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