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What is emotional intelligence? | Manage your life Better Life | Be happy

What is emotional intelligence?

December 31, 2012

Intelligence itself is a concept that depends on many factors inherent in every person, in a way; one could say that there are different types of intelligence. Probably many have had contact in their daily life with people who could be considered very smart in some ways, but perhaps not usually make the best decisions or wasted that potential given by his intelligence, so intelligence is always very linked to the personality of each one, and that is where the concept of type emotional intelligence.

emotional iq

If you ever heard of this, surely wondered what he meant exactly, so we suggest you watch closely what emotional intelligence is.


For a long time, the scientific community in their studies and observations did much emphasis on aspects of intelligence such as the ability of logical deduction, mathematical skills, understanding analogies, verbal and spatial skills, among others, that were used to describe the features intelligence present in every person.

But little by little they began to notice that while the IQ given by the evaluation of these skills could predict largely academic performance or, up to a point, professional or personal success, something was missing in the equation, as highly qualified individuals in accordance with these skills, they could not perform at their best in life, or could not assert the full potential of these in their daily lives.

Thus, scientists began to develop the concept of emotional intelligence, defined as the ability that everyone has to identify, evaluate and control their own emotions, as well as that of others or a group of people. This allowed explain certain behaviors seen in people with a high IQ that led to think, act and communicate in ways that hinder their performance in the most common, everyday activities.

Emotional IQ:

There arose various tests to assess emotional intelligence to be more accurate and successful on the behavior of individuals and allowed to see that more than IQ assessed traditionally, was the emotional IQ that determined that some people have a better performance and therefore greater success in life.

The emotional intelligence can be evaluated by performing many different questions about how you feel, how you think, or how to act in certain situations involving yourself or others as friends or colleagues.

There are also recommendations made by specialists that allow, after an evaluation, improve certain aspects. These recommendations vary, but an alternative is meditation.

When thinking about our own emotional intelligence is essential to be honest with you and recognize that there may be aspects of our emotions that, for some reason, we do not know or have not accepted, then another to know further and act, think and feel in the best way.

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