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3 keys to a successful relationship | Manage your life Better Life | Be happy

3 keys to a successful relationship

January 7, 2013

If it is difficult to be nice to you, maintain a good loving relationship can be quite a challenge, since it requires lots of patience, understanding, and many other things that help keep the love alive…But what is most important in a relationship and what are the keys to be right with the couple?

Here are three keys to achieve a prosperous relationship.


Love is the main thing in a relationship, because without it you can not keep the pair. Although difficult to define love and ethereal sounds really, you can say that love is part desire and part protection. Desire seems to passion, which is what you feel when you can not be without your partner and want to see it at every moment. Protection is the constant concern that is well and feels good. If you enjoy spending time with your partner and have a good start.


Love allows you to go through the good and bad situations, but is not everything that is going to sustain a relationship.


Honesty is also essential. Without it, you can not have a meaningful relationship. It is hard to imagine that any relationship can survive without honesty. Many relationships fall apart by deception, which affects confidence and eats into the relationship. Distrust is not only refers to infidelity, but also when for example we do not want to go somewhere and we say yes, but then we’re pouting, or when we hide something important about ourselves or our family.

Internal growth:

Internal growth is based on honesty with himself. It is the third quality that is essential to intimacy. Relationships make you grow, and that’s something you have to accept as part of the process. If you are predisposed to grow with what you’re going to live, you better face what comes your way on the road. Whether consciously or unconsciously, domestic growth is one of the main reasons why people look for a relationship.

Sharing with another person leads us to having to demand more each time. When both agree it is easy, but when there are discussions, able to be controlled and not talking with hardness or insult, can be a challenge, that will help you improve.

With these three keys to a prosperous relationship you can better live your relationship, a complicated road and that requires work, but that can give many fulfillment and satisfaction.

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