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Benefits of carrot

January 9, 2013

More than once we have heard that the carrot is very beneficial to our view. This is thanks to its nutrients (lutein, zeaxanthin, carotenoids) that are necessary for cell metabolism lens.

Furthermore, this plant so popular has to fight cavities benefits or digestive disorders among others. The carrot is a vegetable that comes fromCentral Asiaand you can not miss in our regular diet, because of their low calorie and high vitamin content (vitamins A, B, B2, C and D).


Gives a wide range of benefits to our body, and then review some of them:

  • Regular consumption of carrot helps prevent some digestive problems such as gastric ulcers. The carrot juice is a great ally to treat intestinal colic or appendicitis. Besides raw carrot chewing contributes an interesting minerals and vitamins needed.
  • Similarly, chewing carrot after food is very beneficial to fight cavities. This is because the teeth clean by removing any traces of food remaining in the cracks and also prevents bleeding gums.
  • Contains beta carotene and acts as an antioxidant. Therefore helps fight aging skin and improve its appearance.
  • We should add that the carrot soups help in treating diarrhea. It provides the body fluids and minerals to stop dehydration.
  • With its fragrances, helps stimulate appetite, fight anemia and depression or low mood.
  • The orange vegetable is high in soluble fiber which also helps fight constipation and reduce cholesterol.
  • Its use is recommended to alleviate the constipation when combined with a squeeze of lemon and spinach.
  • Carrots are also suitable in the treatment of infantile intestinal parasites.
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