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Best Meditation Techniques

January 11, 2013

In our grandmother’s house was a daily meditation, our grandparents were fond concentrate and enjoy long moments of contemplation, reading and music, grandfather used to play on his violin, while grandmother read.

That was the way in which we pondered our grandparents, because there are hundreds of meditation techniques, the important thing is to achieve the objective. At home and then in different areas of study dramatic arts and philosophy learned various meditation techniques and today we want to share with you the best.


Meditation and its objectives:

The meditation is the way we connect with our personal energy and the environment, there are people who like to meditate to reflect on his life, other than just meditate to relax the mind, there are those who meditate to visit faraway places with thought, for each of these objectives are different meditation techniques, some better than others.

Meditate to relax:

This technique of meditation brings great benefits for the body and soul; helps improve mental health and relationship with the world around us.

The best meditation techniques to relax are the greatest pleasure that we provide, but what you seek is to be in a quiet and peaceful environment, where the aromas and light remain constant.

The key is to feel comfortable, then look for the light color that you like depending on your mood, the smell that accompanies that if you want something light and instrumental music at low volume. You should also find a position, either sitting or lying down to let you keep it without changing it for at least 15-30 minutes.

Meditate to find solutions:

That old familiar phrase “let sleep on it” is not an invention, often when we sleep our mind focused on a particular topic, but while we open and connected with all our experience and knowledge, we thus find alternative solutions to the issues we face.
The best technique of meditation to find the solution to a problem or the answer to a particular situation, is what we will focus on the topic of interest, but will open our minds and let go stimuli that come to this.

To do this, find a comfortable position in a room with windows that can be opened, or better outdoors. If you want to improve your concentration can hold any object that relates to the topic you want to meditate, many times, for this type of meditation, you can also turn on the radio or TV, if you can not get in touch with nature, with any of those devices lit, but at a very low volume, your mind will be focused but remain alert to stimuli from outside, as it does when you’re sleeping.

Another technique considered among the best to meditate with a purpose is prayer you can pray any of the passages in the book that guides your religious worship or, create one prayer itself.

Meditate to travel:

This type of meditation is also known as astral travel, to achieve this kind of meditation is the best way to find a similar atmosphere of meditation to relax, but many say that to travel, it’s best to do this type of meditation is better to be in water.

The important thing is to relax the body and mind as much as possible, and then concentrate on the place you want to visit, or the person you want to contact, so, recalling experiences in that place or with that person, let your imagination and not concern yourself in trying to verify the real from the images or situations that will arise, just let your imagination soar. After the meditation, you will feel your body and mind have been renovated, as happens when you take a vacation.

Then, the best meditation techniques is that you can make, it is necessary at times, sit or lie down, you can even meditate while traveling by bus or train, what you should do is focus your mind.

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