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Five keys to happiness

January 31, 2013

There are people who associate happiness with a transcendent reality and it is true that this is marked by the fullness of joy; however, happiness is much more earthy than meets the eye, so it is also important to find strategies everyday to get it. Here are some keys for happiness.

Where to pursue happiness:

1. First, looking ten minutes for you in daily routine. Ten minutes that can disconnect everything and do nothing. For example, reaching the spring, you can sit on a bench, enjoying the scenery and fresh air.

keys to happiness

2. Enjoy a good diet because foods are directly linked with emotions. So, enjoy the Mediterranean diet and drink plenty of water every day.

3. Make physical activity every day, enjoying a pleasant half hour. This habit forces you to leave the house; you can see more people, exchange views with others…

4. Begin each morning with a good goal and stick to it. Within this context, we should remember to do a good deed every day is very healthy.

5. Surround yourself with people you want, show them your love. Give love makes you happier than receiving affection. Practice empathy.

The daily happiness:

The daily happiness is what really carries weight for the human soul. And in this sense, it is curious that from 70 years of age is when people of truth are happy because at that stage, in contrast to the youth, he lives more the now have less expectations for the future, therefore, simpler moments have a special meaning.

Coffee in tranquility, take a course, having a deep conversation, traveling, reading a good book … These are pleasures that make your life more deeply in the daily routine.

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