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Five tips to overcome a crisis of couple | Manage your life Better Life | Be happy

Five tips to overcome a crisis of couple

January 30, 2013

A family crisis can be a semi-final in a relationship or a full stop. Difficulties also strengthen the relationship. Therefore, in a relationship is essential not to give up at the first problem because conflicts are natural between two people with different mindset and mood changes.

Addressing a crisis of couple:

1. To cope with a marriage crisis, have patience. It may take months for the situation to improve.

2. Change your attitude. Instead of getting defensive with your partner, respects your space and relax. It leaves that you miss, you not submit to an interrogation once they get home.


3. Talk to a friend about how you feel, try to let off steam with someone outside the relationship. There are details that may be more appropriate to not tell your partner.

4. Seek help from a professional. Marriage counseling can be helpful to improve a relationship that starts to leak. There is a fantastic film that shows the emotional process of a couple who started psychological therapy.

5. Take the initiative to break the routine, you can propose new plans to your partner, for example, going to the movies, make a weekend getaway, go to the theater…

Why there is a family crisis?

Naturally there is a marriage crisis after several years of living and routine because everyone develops differently, so when the time points of disagreement can occur.

There are important dates that are marked as hard for a couple, for example, the crisis of the seven years. However, each pair is a case and has its own rules, therefore, live your story and not be swayed by statistics.

A crisis can be produced by the indifference, because one of them is in love with someone else, infertility, by the boredom of routine, labor problems, for the economy …

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