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New fashion accessory: the fake bangs | Manage your life Better Life | Be happy

New fashion accessory: the fake bangs

January 23, 2013

The versatility provided by the bangs to any look, makes her a great ally when changing screens without having to make drastic cuts or to alter the color of our hair. Whether short, long, blunt, straight, asymmetrical … has always been present in many hair styles. But it is precisely now that the bangs are back stronger than ever. So much so, that there are few famous it looks as if it were a complement.

The “bangs false” or “fake bangs” is usually the most popular choice for all of them, as it avoids the use of scissors and allows switching between images in a matter of a few minutes and for a limited time.

New fashion accessory

One of the most admired is that Penelope Cruz often chooses to attend many events. The actress is one of the great “guilty” to the beginning of this trend that extends increasingly, as their elegant style is one of the most admired and imitated among celebrities. Elsa Pataky, Monica Cruz, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey are also adept at this option to frame the face as fast and convenient as it is stylish.

There are many beauty salons that offer this quick change of look for those that do not want to risk using scissors. So you can also choose to put in our own home. About 10 minutes is enough to choose the length that we want to wear bangs and comb it or cut it any way you want.

Usually they stand as a “comb” from the center of the head, often under high buns hairstyles like braids and headband, as they provide a much more natural, without using glues or lose several hours at the mirror.

As for the price of this variation of the extensions, obviously depends on the quality of the hair you choose. It is best to opt for natural hair hairpiece (between € 75 and €150, depending on if we decide to rent or purchase), we will wash, dye and comb as often desire. So we get a much more flattering than a synthetic hair bangs (about €10 approximately).

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