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How to Choose the Perfect Foundation with Mii Cosmetics at Gerrard International | Manage your life Better Life | Be happy

How to Choose the Perfect Foundation with Mii Cosmetics at Gerrard International

February 4, 2013

An effective foundation not only provides a strong base for the rest of your makeup but also gives you flawless coverage and a gorgeous airbrush finish. Taking into consideration the overall importance of foundation, it is vital that you take your time when choosing the right shade as a foundation that is too dark or too pale simply won’t have the overall desired effect. However, thanks to Mii Cosmetics at Gerrard International, finding the right shade of foundation couldn’t be easier and there are a number of different face base foundations to choose from to help you find the perfect fit for your skin.

The first thing to think about when choosing your foundation is what type of foundation you want to go for. Professional makeup from Gerrard International features a wide variety of different foundations including liquid, powder and mineral foundation. The best place to start is to take a look at your complexion. If you find that your skin generally leans towards a dryer skin type then the best type of foundation to choose would be a moisturising liquid foundation. Mii Cosmetics at Gerrard International has a number of liquid face bases to choose from. Mii Flawless Face Base is suitable for all skin types and its moisturising formula works in harmony with the skin. The Flawless face Base also features light-diffusing particles for an airbrushed finish.

If you find that your skin is quite oily, then you may wish to use a powder foundation. The matte formula of powder foundation works towards taking away any shine from the face to reveal a flawless finish.

For those who suffer with acne or rosacea, by browsing professional makeup from Gerrard International you will find a complete range of 100% mineral makeup. The soothing formula of Mii Mineral Irresistible Face Base works to not only calm acne or rosacea but also energises the skin to hide the appearance of imperfections and blemishes.

When you have decided what type of foundation would be best suited to your complexion, it is time to start thinking about the colour to choose. Colour swatches of foundation can be viewed online and it is best to pick a foundation colour that best suits the colour of your complexion for an easy blend when you apply.

Once you have picked your foundation, it is time to move onto the application of the foundation. Make sure you have invested in the necessary makeup brushes – a liquid foundation brush for a liquid face base and a kabuki brush for mineral powder. Mii Cosmetics at Gerrard International has a number of makeup brushes to choose from. Applying foundation with the corresponding makeup brush can not only give your makeup a professional finish but can also help to blend your foundation perfectly for that seamless look every day.

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