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Rules of safe gun handling

February 2, 2013

Right now, we live with great insecurity, especially in big cities and environs, there are many people who are getting inexperienced arms to defend themselves, but not considered trained in the safe use of larp weapons. A gun in the hand of a person, who does not respect or know the basic safety rules, is a danger to his family, and himself. Fundamental to the new weapon and that long ago that no fire, federal approach shots, which are the natural environment where you learn to shoot safely.


Many instructors are qualified to teach, first to use the gun safely, and then to shoot effectively. Not trusted, respected weapons. The right to handle steampunk weapons, either in the estate, the house or the field, including responsibilities, the most important, driving the weapon safely, never take risks. Whenever there is an accident, surely we overlook one or more of the following recommendations.

Always consider the gun as if it were loaded, the majority of accidents occur because people think that the firearm is unloaded when it is not. When not in use keep it unloaded gun, but continued treating them as if it were loaded, so there will never errors.

Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction, never point at someone, even in jest. In the firing range always point towards the shooting range, toward whites, never sideways, and not to other white crossfire. Do not shoot at objects that are not intended for that purpose. Keep your finger off the trigger and the trigger guard until ready to shoot. If you want to know brief information about steampunk weapons, you could visit here.

In the field, before shooting make sure the bullet is not going to be directed to where there may be people or homes, remember that the scope of the caliber ammunition varies, but can reach up to 5000 meters in a rifle bullet high power. Also remember that the projectile can bounce seriously injuring someone close or ourselves.

When you shoot a gun, the first thing to do is check if it is loaded, and then manipulates it safely, especially if the gun is not ours. If someone gives you a check that is unloaded gun. Never give a loaded gun to others. Never take a gun outside, not sure how it works.

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