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Spirituality in the couple

February 25, 2013

The marriage is made ​​up of a number of key areas, in which raw logically their love for one another. However, we must not forget one important aspect: the spirituality of the couple, which will allow us to not stay stagnant and grow day by day as marriage.

What is spirituality?

The spirituality is the way we live our own religious beliefs. In the case of spirituality within the couple, you can experience the religious beliefs of promotion, enriching them with ideas or strengthening them each individually.


How important is spirituality in the couple?

We should note that spirituality is an element of life that one can choose or not. There are people who choose not to include spirituality in your daily life, or just on your partner. That decision is personal and should not pressure anyone to change their beliefs.

If we decide to have a partner in spirituality, we must consider that there is infinity of beliefs that may vary, are they or be based on a specific religion. Many religions believe that the primary reason for marriage is the spiritual union of two people, so if we got married under the standards of the Church, Judaism or Islam, spirituality in the couple is the key to marriage.

The spirituality can mean the success of a family or a marriage as a couple together spiritually is an advantage when making decisions, facing unpleasant situations, discuss the problems of the relationship or parenting. However, we know that a couple with a strong spirituality is not perfect. Inside may be potholes, tension or deterioration of spirituality, spirituality and even without the couple can work perfectly.

Suggestions for spirituality as a couple:

If the couple decides to give importance to spirituality, it can sometimes be difficult to be consistent. Therefore, we can use some basic tips to improve the spirituality of marriage:

  • Start with you: before including someone else, we have our own spiritual journey.
  • No rush to another, if one has the most desire, not to hurry to get to another level of spirituality.
  • Begin spiritual tasks together: prayer, meditation, or other spiritual activity can be helpful to join.

The spirituality is one of many ways to spend time with your partner, regardless of the beliefs you have, and even if you are different from your partner.

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