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What to do when your child does not listen | Manage your life Better Life | Be happy

What to do when your child does not listen

February 6, 2013

Many times we have heard or have been in the place of those mothers who complain that their children have to repeat them orders or orders millions of times, up to almost lose the voice and patience! Phrases like “only bathes when we come to the threat or punishment “or” if you do not challenge a lot, does not begin to do school work”, often go many times exhausted mothers gorges. This not only causes fatigue, but frustration.

So we will see some steps for your child hears you when you ask something or give him an order.


Teaching the ability to listen to our children:

Just as we teach our children hygiene and good table manners, we must teach them the habit of listening and distinguish orders and orders. There are three important steps you can take to help your children hear you without generating your emotional exhaustion, and themselves.

First, describe what you need to do, be specific. Explain the reasons why you must do what you ask, highlighting, above all, the benefits this will bring to your life. Pair it the first few times, especially when it comes to acquiring habits, such as the bathroom or to help you set the table for dinner.

Prevent bribery:

Sometimes we encourage our children to abide by our orders, “awards”. But what usually happen to these “awards” is finally turning our children end this situation and manipulate us. We must avoid falling into these traps that keep us from our role as parents.

When presenting this type of situation, insists the steps previously gave you; keep telling him that the order again when you ask him to do something, you should stop what you are doing, look at you, so you know that you have heard and do what you asked. Also, you’ve to add that if it ends soon with what you asked, you can still enjoy what he wanted to do.

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