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Yoga poses to improve sexuality | Manage your life Better Life | Be happy

Yoga poses to improve sexuality

February 28, 2013

The yoga is one of the most comprehensive exercise because it improves your posture, tone, reduces stress, control your anxiety, among many other benefits. Moreover, sex is an important part of the couple. So what better to combine yoga and sex to enjoy both, with some yoga postures to improve sexuality?

Benefits of yoga in sex:

On the one hand, there are physical reasons: yoga increases blood circulation in the pelvic area, allowing that area is more “alive”. In addition, yoga helps to be more relaxed and at the same time, be more physically and emotionally open. If we are better physically and mentally, we become more receptive to everything, including sex.

Perform regular yoga allows us to be more flexible, help us feel more comfortable in our skin and can even increase sexual desire, especially if these exercises are practiced with a partner.


Yoga poses for better sex:

Sat Kriya Meditation:

We sit down with the heels on the buttocks; the chin should face outward, hands clasped. We must lift arms and elbows ears and repeat the mantra Sat Nam.

Pose of the Sphinx:

Lying face down, our pelvis, legs, abdomen and arms are resting on the mat. The chest rises and stares straight ahead. Repeat the mantra “Vam” with emphasis on V.

Supta Baddha Konasana:

Sit with your knees bent and touching the soles of the feet together. We can use rolled up towels or blankets under each thigh and head to rest. Hands on the belly may be forming a triangle with your fingers, or the sides of the torso with the palms up. We must remain in this position two or three minutes.

Upavista Konasana:

In this posture of yoga must sit on the floor with your legs straight and open at a wide angle. The back should remain straight and palms on the floor. We have to walk with your hands slowly across the floor.

Adho Mukha Svanasana:

We need to get hip lifting straighten legs toward the ceiling. Your arms should be straight with your palms on the mat. The buttocks should point to the ceiling and heels to the floor.

If you feel your sex life is no longer the same, it’s time to start yoga. You do not need more than one or two minutes per position and do at least three times a week to start seeing immediate results of these yoga postures to make your sex life better.

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