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Beauty tips and tricks using curd | Manage your life Better Life | Be happy

Beauty tips and tricks using curd

March 9, 2013

The beauty tips and tricks using curd show a large number of uses for this milk derivative. It is refreshing natural appearance, where all its nutrients can be used to give new life to the skin. A marked benefit is that counteracts the action of the sun, being a great natural remedy for those who exceeded the tan. In this case, pass through the skin and leave it for about 20 minutes before the bath. This application will prevent redness common these occasions, leaving skin moisturized. The little secret is that this substance should be used when sour.


Homemade recipes:

Hair care:

The curd can be used to address problems with dandruff, and revitalize the shine on the wires. Mix 2 tablespoons flour garbanzo beans with 1 cup of curd. First pass at the root, and then distribute the wires. Cover your head, and leave for one hour before washing as usual. This recipe will also make your hair thicker. Repeat 1-2 times a week.


To eliminate the effects of acne on the face, wash first with soap. After curd distribute uniformly in a thin layer. Let stand until dry by itself. Retrace every day, and in a little over a week will see the results.

Spots on neck:

The spots on the neck can occur with advancing age, the use of certain tissues around the neck, poor hygiene, or genetics. For some people becomes a big problem. But it can be easily resolved with the use of pure curd. Massage the area to be treated, leave it between 15 and 20 minutes, and rinse with warm water.

Dry skin:

The curd is an excellent natural moisturizer. It promotes a true renewal of dry skin. Apply after bathing, while the skin is still in the heat of the water. Leave 15 minutes and rinse with cold water. See face is extra gentle.

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