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Foods that help you sleep better

March 7, 2013

A proper rest is the best way to stay beautiful and waking up to the energy needed to perform all the activities, but many of us have trouble achieving that much desired sleep. Did you know that proper nutrition can help you have a better sleep? That is why today we will see what the foods that help you sleep are.

There are foods that are more or less easy to digest (also depends on your body), so to choose those foods that give energy to your body , and while your body can process without difficulty, you are going to do easier to fall asleep and have a restful sleep.


Food for sleep:

Energizing food:

Although it sounds contradictory, there are elements that give energy to your body but at the same time help you to sleep. Among these are the nuts and citrus. Consume them so you can have enough energy during the day and your body is not affected at night.

Eat early:

Depending on your lifestyle can often make the last meal of the day minutes before bedtime. That is a serious mistake because then bedtime eating slows digestion and prevents your body from properly rest. Ideally eat later than 8 pm.

Opt for natural foods:

Processed foods contain a high amount of sodium that raise blood pressure and cause difficulty sleeping. Ideally, during the day would opt to natural foods, but if you can not, at least try to consume the dinner. Furthermore, the carbohydrates in vegetables and grains are needed to produce neurotransmitters, which-among other features-produce and improve sleep.

Tips for better sleep:

Never skip meals:

Generally, when we skip a meal compensated with another larger meal without realizing. This, besides being counterproductive to your metabolism, stimulates your body so that sleep is affected and you can not get the rest you need. Therefore, it is best to make several small meals a day so your metabolism is always working and bedtime will not feel that your digestive system is working overtime.

Avoid coffee:

Coffee is a stimulant of the body, so if you want to sleep and rest you should avoid taking it after 6 pm.

Say no to alcohol:

While there may come a time when alcohol makes you feel sleepy, not a good way to fall asleep. This drink cause sleeps disruption, so it will not get the rest they need.

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