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Simple ways to clear the mind

March 3, 2013

Everyday life is so full of stress and agitation that sometimes we feel that our brain becomes a knot, a compact mass, pressing and affects us. Responsibilities overloaded and the only way to decompress is to seek alternative ways to clear the mind and reorient. Here is a list of simple tips you can try at home. There are special ordered.

Write spontaneously to give you a break mentally

It is proven that writing helps organize thoughts. Through the paper can help make clear your mind. If every day you write three pages on any topic of your life, your conscious ideas and clear it will bring to the surface those unconscious contents that favor daily stress.

In case you have no time to write much, just choose the time of day when you have a break and write quickly as you can. This releases the mental knots and relaxes the body.

Mental health

Breathe deeply to calm

Deep breathing is a relaxation technique that helps achieve mental clarity. Increases oxygen levels benefiting the brain and enjoy.

Take a walk to temporarily distance yourself from your thoughts

Walking provides the same benefits as deep breathing, in addition to exercising the muscles. Sometimes we need to move to burn the excess energy that causes anxiety and depressed mind.

Draw a picture that expresses what you’re thinking

Those who like to draw or have graphic skills can make simple drawings of what is in their minds. You can also make graphs with ideas and interconnect. This helps to form a visual map or picture of what concerns us. They also draw balloons or blocks containing things that annoy you. It will be liberating take all that out.

Talk to friends or acquaintances

Instead of writing or drawing may prefer to talk to others. This is great. Just you approach someone who is willing to listen. Explain your problems and worries, without forcing you to give a solution or advice.

The goal here is simply to express your fears, expectations, anger, all of feeling that is blocking your mind. When you describe your problems, it is easier to understand. The catharsis and understanding is reached much tension release.

Now you have already some unconventional ways of dealing with the problem. You can follow all the recommendations or just some of them. The point is that you achieve relax and give a break to your mind to come back to face the daily lives healthier.

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