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The power of positive thinking | Manage your life Better Life | Be happy

The power of positive thinking

March 8, 2013

Lately many speak of the positive mind and the importance of physical health, mental and in getting what we want. But few really know the power of positive mind, a mind-simple, but sometimes it seems hard to get.

Benefits of positive thinking:

Having a positive mind will help us bring our lives joy, happiness, health, and favorable results. If our mind thinks positive attract unfailingly success. However, not everyone believes in the power of a positive mind and as many believe, but do not know how to get to this level.

positive thinking

The positive thinking is not something that should be practiced in certain situations, so often does not work. Positive thinking is a way of life, and who decides to have a healthy diet, brushing teeth or taking a walk.

Having a positive attitude towards life and makes us happier is for this reason that our body and our attitudes change, things that others perceive our environment. That is why, generally speaking of the power of a positive mind when it comes to getting a job, save a test or wins a girl.

Personal success is because of this attitude, in addition to certain qualities you have. For example, how well prepared we are for a job, if we go with the self-esteem and low conviction that achieve nothing for an interview, we will realize that probably give the job to another.

Perhaps this theory may sound a little farce for many, however, only need to stop and think: do we prefer to be around people bitter, unhappy, complaining? Or, on the contrary, we love the company of people who exudes happiness, is seen in a positive attitude even in difficult times and always going forward?

So far we have talked about changes in your love life and in our minds, but also suffer enormous physical changes. Studies have shown that people are sick less positive than negative, and that their attitude of life strengthens the immune system, the cardiovascular and the body’s ability to handle stress. Moreover, the more quickly is improved optimistic disease. The optimists are less likely to smoke, drink alcohol, have a poor diet, and also tend to sleep better or exercise more.

How to change your attitude?

To begin, we must be sure that we switch to a positive mind, regardless of what others say about us. We think internalize in favorable situations, use positive words, smile, and change negative thoughts for a constructive, do repetitions of statements.

Faced with a bad situation, rather than depressed, we can choose to see the good of it: think of what they learned, assess whether there have been events that foster external to us the situation, among others. According to various studies, the optimism has partly to do with genetics, partly with a little personality and also with parenting and early childhood environment.

The power of positive thinking is clear: you only need to change their attitude for a week and observe the results. It is certainly necessary willpower, but the rapid improvements in our lives will make a positive mind struggle worthwhile.

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