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Tips to remove dark circles

March 14, 2013

Many women and some men also know how hateful can become the dark circles. These unsightly dark spots around our eyes give us a tired and even sad. So there is nothing better than a few tips to eliminate dark circles and make your face look bright again.

Why there are dark circles?

The dark circles can be due to genetic-white skin or very thin under-eye, so poor circulation in the area will be noticed more. Furthermore, with the age and skin collagen loses elasticity, so that veins are more visible. And if we take sun, the effect in our circles will be disastrous, even a seasonal allergy can provoke.

 dark circles

Tips to remove dark circles:

If dark circles are due to vascular problems, place a cold compress for five minutes we help you look better. Sleep well, at least eight hours per day-is essential to the health of this sensitive area of the skin, the same have enough body hydration by water consumption.

Moreover, our food is about: dark chocolate can help us by its high content of flavonoids and all foods that contain omega-3, salmon, nuts.

Iron helps reduce dark circles, which is why peopling with anemia sufferers. Vitamin K can also be beneficial – many chemical creams for dark circles contain this compound, but we can consume it naturally in vegetables of dark green leaf, avocado, cereals, milk, kiwi or soy. In turn, the vitamin C helps collagen creation, but we should be careful to avoid the sun and use protection. Reduce the consumption of vitamin A, which produces an excess vascularization, it will be very useful.

If you want a home remedy for dark circles, we can make potato juice, soak a cotton ball in it and place it on your eyes for twenty minutes. Another remedy is known or juice sliced cucumber. We can also make tea, refrigerate shaped ice cubes and place on a tissue wrapped in circles for twenty minutes.

A natural recipe for dark circles is to mix one teaspoon of milk powder and honey and apply on the eye area. We may also use turmeric paste with pineapple juice, crushed mint or almond oil as effective tips to remove dark circles.

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