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Difference between light and diet | Manage your life Better Life | Be happy

Difference between light and diet

May 29, 2013

Every day we find a huge amount of products diets and lights at our disposal and most times we doubt what we choose and what each one, which indicated to diets and weight-loss program or what the ideal is for suffers from diabetes, for instance.

So it is very important to read the labels of these foods properly in order to have no problem, especially if the system is or have any health problem that restricts the intake of certain type of ingredient.

light and diet

Understand light foods and diet foods

As we speak, the difference between products and know what food is light and diet is more important for health than you think. Let’s look a little below behaves as each of these types of products:

Diet food:

Diet foods are those that have the elimination of a given element in its composition, no matter what. So, you can have a lesser amount or lack of nutrients such as carbohydrates, fat, cholesterol, or sodium, for example.

The conclusion is thus that not always a diet product is free of sugars. So diabetic’s attention: here is even more the need to read the label to know whether there is sugar in the food. The same goes for those who have high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels.

Light food:

As for the light products are foods which have at least 25% reduction in calories or another nutrient such as cholesterol, carbohydrates, fat, sodium, etc.. Thus, it is also necessary to pay attention before consuming them, as in many of the times there is still the presence of the component to which you want to avoid.

It is possible, for example, be a food with reduction of a certain sugars, but does not free the component.

How you realize the importance of reading the fine food label before you eat them? Now that you know the difference between light and diet will be much easier to choose the most suited to your needs and desires. Put it on the short list and go grocery shopping so much more intelligent and aware.

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