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How to be happier and creative | Manage your life Better Life | Be happy

How to be happier and creative

May 5, 2013

Although it may seem that the game is a waste of time not, who spend their time more children are playing, each time they do, not only develop your creativity, but you see them happier. So if we want to find a way to be happy and creative, the answer is playing.

No more excuses:

Everyone at some point in our life we play, especially in the early years, and although as time passes, is one of the activities we do less often, especially because having so many responsibilities we think it’s a waste of time, we think of it as a break and a recharge of energy for our mind and spirit.

If this was not enough motivation, consider that many of the great inventions, well done with dedication and effort were playing, such as the steam engine.

be creative

No shame:

When we play, we have the opportunity to show ourselves what we are, which often costs us, especially in the company where we work or our academic circle.

We can also discover new powers or roles. For example, if we play to guess, a character, a movie or a book, do the role of actors but also, inadvertently, generate strategies to communicate and that communication is clear and simple. An essential tool especially if you work in a company in an area such as human resources.

Another game that is interesting but many struggle more than others is stand-up. Try telling a story in front of an audience, it is understood and where these occur climates like suspense and mood, it is a difficult task, but we can do more easily if we make under the label gambling.

If we can play, we will make a presentation to achieve amazing against any group of people, whether to present a project or to justify why it exists.


Games like chess, dominoes and generally any board game allows us away from our concerns as well as our attention to a particular goal. In many cases the pressure is such that we have to solve a problem, work sometimes, we forget that there are infinite possibilities to solve it.

In life as in the game, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it was destiny and in others because we made a decision that hurt us. And while life is not a game, it’s worth having fun like we were playing.

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