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How to makeup for a wedding

May 12, 2013

Sometimes we do not know how to make ourselves up for a wedding, as it is a very important event. Not only you’re the brides can have problems, as we are sure you want to look beautiful at all costs. Not the same day a wedding one night, and they are not always the same levels of formality.

Makeup for a wedding day:  

Not the same a wedding day than at night, not only as far as clothing is concerned, but also to make up, to be nice but more discreet. Strong colors and smoky eyes and false eyelashes are not counseled for wedding day makeup.

We must prepare our skin, choose light-like basis we can use to go to work, a good blush-pink for blondes, coral for dark-skinned, dark circles and covers illuminator in case we need it.

makeup for a wedding

For lips, nude and light brown tones for the dark hair and soft pinks to blondes are always a good choice. And in the eyes, reddish-brown stains are easy to fit and suit all eye colors and types of faces. Lighting the tear and under the arch of the eyebrow will give us the eye amplitude.

Regarding the delineated, it is advisable not to risk: an outline soft and fine, the end where the eye is just ideal. If we only delineate small eyes half towards the end of the eye.

Makeup for a wedding evening / night:

In the makeup for the night we can take more licenses, respecting a basic rule: either the eyes or mouth. What does this mean? You must choose a vibrant color-red, burgundy-on lips or smoky eyes, interesting color games, iridescent pigments.

The first thing is to get a flawless skin-essential because they will take pictures with flash-by using concealer, foundation full coverage and a good dust translucent than perfect finish.

If we focus on our eyes, we can use the classic smokey eyes or smoky makeup. It is very easy to do; you only need two shades, a brush and good eyeliner. For example, if we do it in black-the most used-need black shadow and gray, but we can do it with two shades of blue, green or purple and is spectacular.

This is the time to play with the delineated and false eyelashes, especially if you choose a bright color on your lips. If you paint your lips red, purple, burgundy or other deep shade in summer-long used the orange and fuchsia-, is better than your eye makeup stay in a shadow only clear-white iridescent golden soft light brown- and a good eyeliner that simulates a cat eye , which is good to all. For this style you must practice a lot to make it perfect, and I recommend you use liquid or gel eyeliner.

Makeup for the bride:

The same explained above has to be in the wedding, but her makeup is almost always a quite natural. If the wedding is day, we can choose eyeliner in brown, gray or some other color, for example, the purple looks good to those with green eyes and is fresh and natural-instead of black. Aspects like the blush or the base rate to use also depend on the time of day you wed.

One of the main recommendations for the brides who are very white sun powder is used to get a nice tan effect that highlights our skin over the dress. Of course, we should not abuse: one touch give a perfect finish. The use of loose powder avoid unwanted glare on the skin.

A bridal makeup essential is the corrector, which should be light so as not to leave an aspect binding, and that allows us to simultaneously cover imperfections, pimples, redness, scars, dark circles.  So is the waterproof mascara that will prevent black spirt tears caused by emotion.

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