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Kot method to lose weight fast and successfully | Manage your life Better Life | Be happy

Kot method to lose weight fast and successfully

May 22, 2013

Kot method is losing weight fast and successfully. We finished the holidays and you’re probably thinking about how thin those extra kilos after sweet bread, shortbread, nougat and twisted roll of kings, so we tell you how to lose weight quickly and safely with a diet that is still raging, the kot method that will help you lose up to 9 kilos in three weeks.

The truth is that at parties not only eat a little more, but we excel and downs like the last supper, but then we grab the blame and think about how those love handles lose weight right now. Today we will explain why the kot method is one of the most recommended diets for weight loss.

lose weight quickly

The Kot method consists of a weight-loss diet in which you eat really tasty products without starving. Although not a traditional diet plan, precisely its greatest disadvantage is that it consists of a series of dietary products marketed by Mark Kot only.

Unlike other diets, these foods are based on proteins of high nutritional value and a low glycemic index. This way you are eating right and eating really tasty, and you’ll be quickly satisfied and a balanced diet. This diet is designed not only to lose weight in a timely manner, but also as a new pattern of thinning that allows you to stay in shape all year round.

Kot method has three stages with 5 daily meals in each. Let’s see what they are.

The intensive phase you will lose weight quickly, for which you will have to make a greater effort in the remaining stages. You should follow the above table we detail, as you see, you have a great freedom of choice. Remember also very important at every stage, you must eat at least 2 liters of water a day.

In the progressive stage can eat a greater variety of foods, especially really enjoy a hearty breakfast.

The stage of stabilization is not one more but the fundamental. If you’ve arrived here actually already you may have noticed the changes in a short time, so it is now time to keep that beautiful figure you’ve got a much more varied and consistent feed which you can really enjoy the food.

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