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Ideal for drinks before bedtime

June 13, 2013

After a long day, a hot drink is ideal to relax and prepare for a deep sleep and pleasant. Many times we go to bed thinking about things at work or home, or other concerns, and that causes not rest well at all. A hot drink after dinner helps to decrease engine speed to de-stress and prepare to go to sleep. We’ll show you some of the best hot drinks to have before going to sleep. Do not miss them and take them tonight if you can! Chamomile tea The chamomile tea is great for before going to sleep, and it is known for its soothing properties. It helps relax the nerves and soothe the stomach, making a sense of calm throughout the body. This guarantees a restful and peaceful. Ideally, take half an hour before bedtime. You will ensure a pleasant rest and a sense of well instantly. Ideal for drinks Warm milk A glass of warm milk also helps to rest better. It has been shown that amino acids in milk help the body to produce the hormones needed for a pleasant dream. And, moreover, has a high content of fibers, protein and calcium. Heat the milk for a few minutes and you’ll have a great drink to help you sleep better. Coca tea The coca is the most popular drink in the winter for its delicious taste; nothing better than coca or chocolate milk after dinner to go to sleep peacefully and contentedly. Mint tea Another ideal tea before bed is the mint tea. Almost all herbal tea or weeds are recommended to take at night, as they often have medicinal properties. Peppermint tea helps de-stress the body naturally. It also helps relieve stomach pain and reduce anxiety. It’s a perfect drink for the night before an exam or job interview. Hot chocolate Like coca, hot chocolate is chosen for its delicious taste. Although often confused, hot chocolate not only contains coca powder coca butter but also to achieve that rich, creamy consistency that has no coca. In addition, usually combined with milk or butter for an alternative to the coca rich, although less healthy. If you have trouble sleeping, exhausted by the routine, or if its cold and your body will demand something warm, feel free to choose from these delicious drinks to give you a taste before going to bed and to have a restful, deep sleep.

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