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Tips for the first kiss

June 1, 2013

We may be more timid or more daring against the guy we like, but it sure all always want the first kiss to be perfect, right? So if you want your date to be successful, will give you some tips to make that first kiss the best!

Dare to say what you want

It is completely normal when we started dating someone waits for him to take the initiative. But it is also logical that he wants to be a gentleman and not wait to put you in an awkward situation. Avoid all that protocol! The reality is that the two have to do what you feel. The ideal is to be direct and if you want to kiss you, put it bluntly: sure he will be relieved.

Tips for the first kiss

But if you’re shy and do not want to say so directly, you can give signals for him to realize how closer or touch you while talking to him to feel that you react well if he kisses you.

Be confident

There is nothing sexier than cheer and show your date that you are determined and not afraid to show what they feel. Lose the fear to look bad by showing what you want. He thinks that the only way you get it is by being honest.

Let him know

If you really want him in the first step, you have to prove it in a subtle way, changing the tone of the conversation from casual to more intimate. Only then the guy knows that will not be rejected, that is their main fear making progress. It is essential that you relax and do not try to fill every silence with words because it can be very overwhelming. Besides, he will not dare to kiss you if you’re in the middle of a deep conversation. Relax and try to have a good time!

Have fun!

That is the key of all: fun. Kissing is supposed to be something fun and naturally between two people who are attracted to, so you need to relax and stop when you feel it happen. Do not get mad if the first attempt the kiss is not as you imagined; laugh the matter and try again. Show him that despite any discomfort you have good attitude and want to happen.

Enjoy the first kiss! Keeping these tips in mind … It is impossible to go wrong!

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