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Tips for working mothers

June 23, 2013

If you are a mother, and working well, you know how hard it is to find time for everything, many times you will feel tired and stressed. So, there is nothing better than a few tips for working mothers to help you make time for your children and for yourself.

Tips to organize your time

  • Make the purchase once a week will allow us to plan what we eat during the week, and so save time in the supermarket and thought the dish that we eat.
  • We structure the day between essential things must be done in that day, and may be postponed.
  • Bathing night small save time in the morning and go to sleep will allow clean after an afternoon of games.
  • Keep phone silent until all early morning. When we have free time we will answer the mail, Facebook, Twitter and everything else.
  • No need to clean up the mess in the morning, because nobody will see it.
  • Take advantage of the Internet, trying to pay as much as possible by going online and the fewer times the bank.

working mothers

Tips to reduce stress

  • It is important to learn to delegate: know that we can do will save us time and stress.
  • It is also important to learn to say no, if you’re too stressed already.
  • If we are stressed, we ask our boss if we can get a flexible schedule, which sometimes can reduce the salary but can be beneficial to the family.

Tips for a time for themselves

Often times, mothers take care of everything around them-work, children, family, pets, and parents-without addressing themselves. However, this is important, because if a mother is not well, affects the rest of the stuff. In general, children perceive that a mother is not happy, and therefore they feel less happy. We must be careful and give us some time to ourselves, to avoid major problems.

There is nothing wrong with doing some exercise, take a nap or going to make you a massage, and everyone in the house will use it after having a mother more relaxed, energetic and happy. Remember that life is for living.

Tips for breastfeeding

If we want to continue to breastfeed the baby when we got back to work, we must talk in the workplace about this. We get a clean and private room to use the pump. It is important that we explain how necessary it is for us and the benefits it has for the baby, for women, and of course, for the employer.

In general, it will take 20 minute breaks every four hours. For them need the breast pumps, where to store bottles, labels to place the dates, and anything else we deem necessary.

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