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Home remedies for cancer

July 18, 2013

Cancer is a disease becoming more common, and even today in many cases can be cured, the mortality rate is still quite high. Many people do not believe that is sufficient to chemotherapy, radiation and other conventional therapies, and so turn to home remedies for cancer. The variety of home remedies for cancer is immense, ranging from the consumption of certain foods to some specific herbs.

Food to cure cancer

There are varieties of foods that can prevent and stop cancer as proper nutrition can have an immune system strong to protect us from disease.

Home remedies for cancer

Among the foods to prevent cancer have broccoli for colorectal cancer, for their antioxidant properties and their enzymes that help detoxify the body. For its part, the grapes have a compound that minimizes the production of estrogen in the body, reducing the chances of contracting cancer of the lung, prostate, colon and breast. The same goes for soy.

The green tea in strands, not already prepared in bags-helps fight breast cancer, prostate, liver, pancreas and skin. And the tomato, guava, papaya, apricots and watermelon have compounds antioxidants that fight free radicals that stimulate cell division, helping the cancer grow rapidly.

Herbs and plants to cure cancer

There are various herbs to cure cancer, but not all are useful for all types of cancer, which is good to keep in mind before going for a home remedy wrong. For example, the powdered root of dandelion is very helpful in curing prostate cancer, colon, breast, liver and lung. It should take between four and six months, and gives great results.

To make an effective remedy, we must have fresh roots, cut the leaves below the crown and we let them dry at 100 degrees-below a bulb is ideal and it takes about 5 days. Then make a powder of these roots. Mix half a teaspoon each day in a glass of liquid-water, fruit juice, and avoid alcohol or hot.

Other herbs and plants that may be helpful include ginseng, myrrh, aloe vera,

Other natural remedies

One of the home remedies for cancer was the most controversial combining baking soda with maple syrup. This led to Jim Kelmun is sentenced to prison for dispensing this remedy, although people who have tried have acted against this decision.

The mixture is one part baking soda with three parts maple syrup; stir well, heat for five minutes. With a teaspoon a day will be enough to stop and remove the cancer, according to people who have used this remedy, many terminals.

Here are some home remedies for cancer. As you said, none are scientifically proven, and furthermore, not all serve the same types of cancer. Therefore, if we want an effective treatment it is best to consult an expert doctor all the possibilities.

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