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How to recover from a bad streak of sleep | Manage your life Better Life | Be happy

How to recover from a bad streak of sleep

July 14, 2013

We’ve all been through a rough patch of rest at some point in our lives, either of those times that we are immortal and full of energy and fun prefer to sleep, or by any reason of greater force as delivering tests, projects and other for school or work, caring for a newborn or sick child … Anyway, if you were to enlist the number of times we pass sleepless never end.

What is a fact is that to be able to continue with our rhythm of life, we need one would to another rest, even for periods, to replace us, maybe instead simply do not we resist and not only would be tired but that lack of sleep affects more than a few bags under the eyes.

bad streak of sleep

Symptoms of a bad break

According to experts, the number of hours recommended for a proper rest range from 7-9 hours depending on each person’s metabolism. However, for the reasons already mentioned and others, very few people reach this period of rest and gradually it is being felt on our mood, health and expression.

As a crying baby when sleepy, adults also denote certain signs when fatigue has accumulated. In the case, the most notable is the lack of concentration that you get to experience, and may present irritability, sensitivity, lack of energy for daily activities, headache, eye pain, lack of oxygen, back pain, etc..

The best way to recover from a bad break

Of course, the best advice would be not to reveal to us and get enough sleep. However, this is not always possible so the best thing you can do to counteract the chronic fatigue is replace it with a little more rest.

Nothing like spend a weekend relaxing, watching TV and sleeping bed as bear hibernates. However, this strategy applies only when there have been a few hours of lost sleep or some event broke with our routine of sleep.

If you feel that you do not get enough sleep or you have made a bad habit stay up late, it’s time to vindicate, because in the long sleep few hours can lead to serious health problems.

Organize your best with your work, as sometimes order just put earrings and other to sleep in a timely manner, try a relaxing bath and remember that there are certain factors that affect our sleep and sleep with the TV on or heavy dinner. Avoid all this, sleep in comfortable clothes and help yourself to sleep.

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