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Tips for better organization at home | Manage your life Better Life | Be happy

Tips for better organization at home

July 16, 2013

The organization is a skill that is acquired as we grow, in some better than others. If you are the type who has trouble staying organized, then do not miss these tips to help you organize your routine tasks and chores and keep your home in better condition for longer. Are you going to miss?


A good way to organize, and very simple, is to put labels on the boxes and containers. This way everyone knows where to go and everything is easier to find what we need. It is important that if we implement this technique all pay attention and do not put anything anywhere, if not impossible to stay organized.

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Containers and Baskets

Avoid having little things like papers or magazines lying around everywhere. You can choose to use baskets or containers and you can get them in fun designs that contribute to your home decor; separate baskets according to the type of things that put so you have one just for bills and receipts, one for magazines.

Ten consistencies

It is essential that everything serves and uses of their corresponding containers to be returned to its rightful place. Otherwise, things will run or where it need not be. Make sure that everyone in the household understands the importance of being organized and to work to keep the house best.


The lists can be very helpful for you to organize all the activities that you do during the day. Making lists can be helpful to avoid forgetting some things. Same for when you need to make large purchases in the supermarket: record everything you need.


The routines can help a person to better organize your day. It is not something strictly follows, but to plan in advance what you plan to do the next day.

Plastic bags

The plastic bags are not just for keeping good food in the refrigerator, can also be ideal for placing small things you want to remain safe, from jewelry to pencils or pens that can stain your ink.


The calendars can be another option to keep you organized. You can record all activities and tasks you must do for dates and so avoid forgetting some commitment or not do a particular task. The agendas are also ideal for better organized.

Being organized can be very useful to fulfill your duties and obligations and also to be aware of and control everything you do in the day or week. Choose the techniques that serve you so you can turn the organization into a habit.

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