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What are functional foods?

July 1, 2013

Research and technology every second making solid progress in multiple categories and the food industry is not immune from this interest to refine and evolve, so have emerged which are called functional foods.

This type of functional foods arises the decade of ’80, when the Japanese government created the grounds includes more benefits than regular food contains. The main objective of functional foods is to supply all the needs of basic and supplementary nutrition. Something like create thoughtful food.

Eating responsibly functional

Sure, some traditional foods that are treated with additives or supplements are a great way to maintain regular levels of vitamins and minerals. Anyway some people obsessed with healthy foods, can make the mistake of damaging a diet that was balanced by excessive consumption of these products.

functional foods

The idea is to keep a balance between traditional and functional foods, for example, you must not remove dairy foods that are naturally rich in calcium supplements yogurts because first you get a major natural benefit. The functional foods should be complementary, never alone in a diet.

Surely when it comes to food you come to mind thousands of products, but there are including grains, vegetables, fruits and processed products such as cereals and cheese, on the list of functional foods are also the medical type special formulas as beverages. So most traditional foods are likely to be functional as well.

If you look at some products you have at home can now perhaps more properly differentiate functional foods from traditional. Take a can of tuna, if offered as value added Omega 3 or e.g. yogurt is touted as food with probiotics, those are functional as well as benefits, are also trying to prevent illness and disease specific aspects.

Controversy on functional foods

However, controversy exists in the world for this type of food and its detractors have reasons to be against. One reason has to do with the lack of regulation worldwide.

Although a trend driven by the state in the East, there are currently no rules that regulate, define and frame the production of functional foods. However, if you go to the supermarket you’ll find hundreds of them everywhere. You may remember that cereal besides quantities feed yourself gives you more fiber than traditional or that orange juice fortified promises more calcium.

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