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Benefits of Arnica

August 18, 2013

Sunflower the same family, arnica is a plant which has analgesic and anti-inflammatory contributes to alleviation of pain, swelling and reduction of bruising. The proof of the benefits of arnica came according to a survey conducted by the Federal University of Parana. The substances responsible for so many goods are inolina and quercetin.

Certainly the oldest ever heard that arnica is a divine remedy. The medicinal plant has been used for hundreds of years and it really is very effective for the treatment of some injuries and diseases.

Benefits of arnica:

Arnica has anti-inflammatory substances, so it is recommended to aid in wound healing, bleeding fight of superficial wounds, muscle injuries, rupture of ligaments, muscle sprains, bruises and even rheumatism.


The plant can also be used to clear bruises, swelling and bruising as, to repel insects and soothe itching caused by them, treat worm infections, skin irritations, boils and heal up in disinfecting environments. Also, treatments for hair loss and oily also use arnica.


To be extremely toxic, it is important that before ingesting tea arnica guidance of a professional should be sought. However, for external use only need to be careful with the sun. Whenever you pass or arnica compresses the gel, make sure there is no trace of the plant in skin before sun exposure, due to the risk of irritation and allergic reaction.

For the intake of tea, overdose can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness, tremors, increased blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias and even miscarriage.

How to prepare arnica:

Compress of arnica:

Boil water with arnica flowers, soak a cloth and then compresses in regions damaged or muscle inflammation.

Tincture of arnica:

In a bottle of alcohol, add arnica leaves and let sit for ten days; once ready, use on insect bites, bruises and muscle injuries in general.

Arnica ointment:

Ointments can be found in pharmacies or natural herbal products. It is recommended to massage into damaged regions.

Arnica gel:

Gels can also be found in pharmacies and herbal or natural products, other than ointment, leave the area with a refreshing feeling. It is recommended to massage the affected area as it also has analgesic action.

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