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How to give a perfect passionate kiss | Manage your life Better Life | Be happy

How to give a perfect passionate kiss

August 29, 2013

To make a passionate kiss, also known as French kiss, a good kiss, those unforgettable and that put us the creeps, we must be calm and relaxed to enjoy it, especially if it is the first time. In a shy kiss, anxiety and nerves may pass, but if we want to give a passionate kiss safe going to play against: languages uncoordinated, shocks of noses… insurance don’t want that!

To give a perfect passionate kiss, as a romantic film, tries to put all your attention on the good time you’re enjoying with your partner and simply go with the attraction and desire; the passionate kiss will come as a result.

Tips for giving a good kiss

Position of the faces

Immediately before kissing, one of the two must tilt a bit her face to one side. In this way, your lips will be on point just to merge comfortably in a kiss. This is also very important so their noses will not collide.

good kiss

Their heads can remain in the same position, or move them following the rhythm of the kisses; it is important that one has just more inclined than the other face to not collide.

Open mouth

When they go to kiss, it separates your lips and slightly opens your mouth so that the language of your man can enter and yours may enter his mouth. The meeting of languages is the basis of a French kiss.

When languages have been found is that the interesting thing is coming. Remember to always keep your tongue moving around the tip of the tongue of your guy. It should be a soft, subtle movement and without using too much saliva!

The best is to start following the rhythm and soon his tongue movements for confidence then take him surprise you with something different to make it more exciting. One of the secrets to kiss better is practice, so feel free to experience techniques and “games” while they are kissing. Just remember not to let your tongue still.

What to do with hands to kissing?

While their tongues and lips do theirs, what do we do with our hands? Ideally, place one of your hands on the cheek or on the neck of your partner to be closer, increase the intimacy between them and give more strength to the kiss.

Other sites to pose your hands can be your waist and back, especially if the idea is to move to the next level… Now that they are already well placed, just allow the chemistry between the two to let things flow.

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