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Ideas to keep the house cool in summer | Manage your life Better Life | Be happy

Ideas to keep the house cool in summer

August 31, 2013

The arrival of the heat is a cost extra in what refers to the cooling of the home, but luckily there are some ideas to keep the House cool during the summer months without spending more. In this way, take care your economy and at the same time environment-friendly.

House cool without air conditioning

In those days when the Sun seems stronger that it is never logical that you want only use the air conditioner if you have it, and put an end to the torment of the closure and the heat. The reality tells us that the air conditioner is one of the devices that spends more electricity and, therefore, significantly bulking your electricity bill.

tips for cooling home

On the other hand, air conditioning, to cool the house, is emitting large amount of carbon dioxide, which is extremely damaging to the planet. We believe that with these two “cons” of the use of the air conditioner you have enough to start thinking about cooling your home naturally and help your pocket and the atmosphere.

Foolproof tips for cooling home

The first step is that in the hours in which the Sun is stronger you close blinds to keep out the heat. You can leave the windows open, but only if you make sure that sunlight does not enter.

At night you must do quite the opposite, since it is your time to cool the House in the natural cool of the night. Create air currents to renew it and at the same time cool environments opening opposite windows.

Apart from these two basic measures, pay attention to cracks through which heat can enter or escape the cold so precious. All the places where you see that you can enter or leave air seal. This Council also will serve to keep the cold out in winter.

To make your home an oasis in summer, it is also good that you give shade to windows naturally, and for this there is nothing better than planting a fruit tree on the patio or in the garden. If it is not possible, a good can place awnings that restrain the Sun’s rays.

Small details that help to keep your house cool

There are small actions every day can do and that will mark the difference between a warm home and a cool House. The use of electrical appliances and gas provides heat to the environment although you don’t realize.

Not make many meals in the oven and a little more use the microwave, turn off the computer when no one uses it, just like the TV or even the lights, are indispensable to not heat the house. The same goes for the dishwasher or washing machine; obviously you’re not going to stop using them, but the best is to use full load and select short washing programmes.

As you can see that with small actions you can do a lot to win the battle against the heat and enjoy a cool and ventilated home during the long summer months.

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