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Natural recipe to fight cellulite | Manage your life Better Life | Be happy

Natural recipe to fight cellulite

September 1, 2013

Cellulite can be hell for any woman, especially during the summer when we have to put us shorts and swimsuits. So, we want to show you a natural recipe to combat cellulite with a very simple ingredient and which you can find in your kitchen: coffee. Known for its aroma and its taste, the coffee has multiple properties to enhance the appearance of our skin.

How the coffee it helps to combat cellulite

Cellulite is caused by the accumulation of fat in the deeper layers of the skin, especially in areas where blood circulation is minor, leaving that look like the skin of an orange. If we have a sedentary lifestyle, we will notice the cellulite in our buttocks, legs and stomach. One of the best natural treatments options are the coffee beans.

fight cellulite

Coffee beans have high concentration of caffeine, which can help to fine-tune the appearance of the skin. As we know, caffeine is stimulating, so it can improve blood circulation and remove toxins from the area, in addition to providing plenty of nutrients to the area, such as vitamin A. However, the ideal is that it is applied topically and not drinking coffee.

Coffee recipe to fight cellulite

To make this exfoliating cream for coffee, take half a cup of coffee beans and add some warm water to form a paste. Massage the affected area with circular movements so caffeine penetrates the skin, approximately five minutes.

The paste should be applied in the affected areas, and we have two options: wrap the area in clear plastic and leave on for ten minutes, or simply leave the cream for half an hour. Then, clean the cream with a clean cloth, preferably with cold water.

Ideally, you use this recipe at least three times a week until all traces of cellulite. Then, you must continue it once a week or every two weeks to prevent their reappearance. In this way, coffee used to reduce cellulite is a cheaper, safer way to buying goods of this type.

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