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Yoga for weight loss

September 12, 2013

Yoga is an original technique of India, who preaches mental and physical discipline, through movement. The practice can deliver benefits of yoga for body, mind and soul, making the whole organism to work in harmony, and with more efficiency.

In addition to improve posture, improve the functioning of the organs and leave the more rhythmic breathing, Yoga can be a great ally of healthy slimming and strengthening muscles.


Exercises to lose weight

To do at home, start at the position of the child, with the knees bent and the belly on the thighs. This movement helps to lengthen the muscles and prepare the body for the other exercises.

Burn calories

To burn calories fast, place your hands on the floor, so they stay in front of your feet. Then, stretch the legs up, and bring her back, bringing the knee towards the forehead. Repeat the exercise 10 times with each leg.

Fight flab

To combat sagging butt, legs and thighs, and even strengthen your stomach muscles, to equilibrate in the left leg, the other to take up and hold with your right hand. Count to 10, and then do the same movement on the other side of the body.

Workout for the glutes

Want to eliminate cellulite and leaving a tight little ass? Lie on the floor with the knees bent and slowly remove the back off the floor, leaning with your forearms. Count to 10 and return to the starting position. Do 15 reps and then relax for a minute.

Stretch and strengthen the muscles

If your body has enough strength and elasticity, place one hand on the floor, so that it is parallel to the feet. Afterwards, stretch your legs and let the feet on the side, and not on the soles. Lift the arm that is free, stretching slowly. Count to ten, and then repeat the movement on the other side.

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