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Tips for saving money with your beauty routine | Manage your life Better Life | Be happy

Tips for saving money with your beauty routine

January 15, 2014

Carrying a beauty routine is not always easy and can be very costly. Even many times the prices of cosmetic discourage us and cause us to abandon our routine. However, you can maintain good beauty routine without spending a fortune. Do not miss these tips to save money on beauty.

Opt for cosmetic multipurpose

While makeup and cosmetics can be very expensive, a great tip is to buy quality products that serve for different tasks. For example, the red lipstick that doubles as a blush or eye shadows. It’s about being creative and with few products to make up your face.

beauty routine

Choose male products

Did you know the female shaving cream is much more expensive than shaving cream used by men? While female products offer softness, the reality is that men’s products are cheaper and serve the same function. From deodorants to razors and shaving creams, do not be afraid to spend male hygiene products. Another option is to use shampoo and shaving cream to shave in the shower.

Use until it is gone

Many times we tend to discard products with contents in half or even buy makeup you already have. If you want to save on beauty products, all used until it is gone and that means turning the shampoo to get the most, and avoid buying makeup you already have.

Choosing a color palette

The eyeshadow palettes offer more possibilities than individual shadows. It is best to choose a palette that has basic browns, blacks and creams you can then mix and match for both day and night.

Avoid facial salon

Definitely go to the salon is a great way to pamper and care, but can be very expensive. You can get the same benefits and results from your home. Opt for natural homemade face masks and scrubs with ingredients you have in the kitchen, from sugar to olive oil or coconut for a good scrub and a mask of strawberries to remove acne and improve skin. With cheap and accessible ingredients you can save money by getting the benefits of your own spa in the comfort of your home.

Avoid overuse

Sometimes we do not control the amount of product you use every day, but if you intend to save, limit the use of products is a good option to do so. Use the right amount of conditioner, creams and shampoo and you’ll see that the products will achieve pay more.

Limit your indulgences

We all like us tastes, indulge and buy us things, and it does not have to end. It is desirable to put a limit on your indulgences and not abuse. That way you will have better control and you can save money without saying no to certain tastes.

By following these tips you can save money without leaving your beauty routine. Immediately you’ll notice that you can look fabulous on a budget.

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